I know I’m not one for normally promoting peoples blogs, but this one actually seems really helpful, and I couldn’t not say anything, because I know how nice it is to get advice of people you don’t know. So I strongly suggest that if you need advice or just someone to talk too, go check out this blog and send through a message.

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Anonymous said:
could you please say what is the list that they made of their favorite apps, movies, tv shows, etc that's on itunes? i can't see it

So they all did different parts. Ash chose albums, Luke chose apps, Cal chose movies and Michael chose TV series.


  • Night Vision - Imagine Dragons
  • Paramore - Paramore
  • Paradise Valley - John Mayer
  • Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace - Foo Fighters
  • 21st Century Breakdown - Green Day


  • Shazam
  • Piano Free with songs
  • JamUp XT - Guitar Multi-Effects Processer 
  • Darts Night
  • Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free


  • Step Brothers
  • I Am Legend
  • The Other Guys
  • Pain and Gain
  • Jumanji

TV Shows:

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Eastbound & Down
  • Game of Thrones
  • Breaking Bad
  • My Name is Earl
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Anonymous said:
If they didn't become 5sos what would they have done instead?

Well I’m not sure what there more recent answers would be but I read somewhere a while back, Michael was either going to become a brick layer or live on the doll (live of tax payer money) and Ash wanted to become a music teacher. I can’t remember what Cal and Luke said though

This might have changed so yeah

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Anonymous said:
Does Michael have a girlfriend?


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Thanks to everyone who applied to be a co-owner. Alexia and I are going through the applications now and will be messaging the people we choose next Sunday 26th, October

Anonymous said:
Do you know what Michael tattoo mean "to the moon"? I've have read it every where and i really don't understand?..

I’ve never found out the real meaning behind it no matter how many times I’ve searched it. Does anyone else know, because I can only assume what it means

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Anonymous said:
do you know how can i can get a free vesion of the book "Hey, let's make a band!" By 5 Seconds Of Summer?

No, and if there is I don’t know of it

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ARIA Awards

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Anonymous said:
Who is the tallest in 5sos? What are there heights?

luke is the tallest, he is 6ft4, ash is 6ft and cal and mike are 6ft2

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